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Money Makes The World Go Round

Richest People in England Live 10-Years Longer than its Poorest



A new report has confirmed what most people already knew. The richest people in England live longer than its poorest. What a revelation! It seems that fewer worries and more money in your pocket combine to make you live longer!

It’s hardly surprising that rich people live longer than poor people. Look at the age of some British Royal Family members. They are older than some ancient Egyptian artifacts and three times as worn.

The Life Expectancy of the Richest People in England

A study from researches from the Imperial College London has recently unearthed that the life expectancy of richest people in England has widened to 10-years when compared to its poorest. You needed a research study to tell you that?

The research analyzed the deaths of almost 8 million people between 2001 and 2016 in England and came up with those results. The life expectancy between the richest and poorest men in England was 6.1 years back at the turn of the Millennium, but in 2016 was closer to 9.7.

The actual figures showed that the life expectancy difference between the richest women and poorest women in England back in 2001 was 7.9 years, but by 2016 the gap had widened to 9 years.

Women Live Longer than Men

The Imperial College data also showed that the life expectancy of the poorest English women in 2016 was 78.8 years, while the richest women live to an average of 86.7 years. The average life expectancy of the poorest English males is 74 years when compared to 83.8 years for the richest men.

As always, the stats show the universal truth that like-for-like women live longer than men. Do you know why women live longer than their male partners? Because they don’t have to live with a woman! Just joking, before I get harangued by the feminazis.

The figures showed that although the richest people in England live much longer than the poorest, the main culprits for male deaths across the board is heart disease, lung and digestive cancers and respiratory issues.

Lots of heart-related diseases and other illnesses are linked to stress, and with more English people being poorer in a relative sense than ever before, the new findings are hardly rocket science. Look after yourself guys and try not to take life so seriously.

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