Do you have an awesome app idea?

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Jonas Borchgrevink is the founder of, and multiple apps. He and his team of app developers and investors are looking for the next big thing. Do you have the idea to shake the world?



All ideas submitted for review will be held confidential. No third parties will have access to the idea other than Jonas Borchgrevink. If an idea is rejected, the idea will be deleted from our database and will in no way be used by MoneyMakers in the future.


If an idea is rejected

If an idea is rejected, you will receive a formal response explaining why it didn’t make it for our case. That does not mean it’s not a good idea, or that you shouldn’t develop it on your own. You will get pointers on what you can do to improve your idea.


If an idea is approved

  • You will own 50% of the idea and business for the first seed round.
  • You will be included on the App Board with Jonas Borchgrevink and other interested parties.
  • MoneyMakers will fund the development of the app up to $50 000 to create a MVP (minimum viable product) and test it in the market.
  • MoneyMakers will pay for marketing of the app up to $35 000.
  • MoneyMakers will develop the MVP with you and a team of highly talented app developers.

By submitting your idea, you agree to the above terms. Each review of an app idea costs $199. MoneyMakers only wants to work with dedicated entrepreneurs.