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Conversion Value/Cost increased by 300% for Calendly Ad



The result after just one week is astonishing. Previously, (my other company) has continuously advertised on Google Ads to get more clients to book with our security experts using Calendly. Our main goal is to have fully booked calendars for our employees, ensuring we help the most people at any given time. However, a harsh reality hit me just a couple of weeks ago.

The issue with advertising your availability with a tool like Calendly

Calendly is great. Great for small and medium-sized businesses. It can be used as a part of the sales process or be the main revenue source for a business (you can integrate Stripe or Paypal on your Calendly calendar.)


If your calendar is full for the current or upcoming days, or if a potential client visits your site during off-hours or holidays, then the likelihood of them scheduling a meeting with you significantly decreases.

I realized wasted money by advertising our service to potential clients when we didn’t have any “products to sell.” Potential clients visited our site but never booked a session with us as our availability was limited.

After this “aha” moment, I decided to develop a new service that can help businesses like only to advertise their services when employees are available to handle calls or meetings.

My test started on November 13th and gave incredible results

As the benchmark, I used the same ads and settings from my “Get Help Here” campaign on Google Ads. In October 2023, the campaign had 1 570 clicks, a total conversion value of 48,900 NOK (approx. 4,890 USD), a conversion value/cost ratio of 1.31, and a total cost of 37,400 NOK (approx 3,740 USD).

The conversion rate was 6.88%, while cost per conversion was 346 NOK (35 USD).

Our one ad campaign in October 2023.

On November 13th, 2023, I enabled my new feature to stop the campaign when we were fully booked or absent. Then, the service starts the campaign again automatically when it detects availability in two hours or less (a factor I believe suits our service).

To explain it in a code-like terminology:

If available in 2 hours or less, then start the campaign.

If not available in 2 hours or less, then pause the campaign.

The results are fabulous. After just one week, the new campaign had 87 clicks, a total conversion value of 6,390 NOK (approx. 639 USD), a conversion value/cost ratio of 4.43, and a total cost of 1,440 NOK (approx. 144 USD).

The conversion rate climbed to 11.49 percent (from 6.88%), while cost per conversion decreased to 144 NOK (14 USD) from 346 NOK.

Preliminary results from the week of November 13th to November 20th are way better than the original results from October.

I need three more guinea pigs

If your business spends money on advertising your services and if your business also relies on Calendly to some degree in your sales process, then I would be thrilled if you sent me an email to [email protected]. I can help set you up with the current system I’m using free of charge for a period of three months.

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