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My name is Jonas Borchgrevink. I was born in 1990, and I’ve founded multiple companies during my past 16 years as an entrepreneur.

I have a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Business (I graduated in 2013..), and I’ve been fortunate enough to make a few million dollars during these past years.

Some of the most successful companies I’ve founded are MyGoodAct, Tailored Message,,,, and Hawkfish AS. I’m also a significant shareholder in the green chemical company Circa Group AS…

You might have guessed it? Yep, I’m not from the US; I’m from Norway. My main activities are in the US, including some of my most talented employees. That’s also where I’m looking to invest my money and energy.

This is my daughter and me <3

What is

I love entrepreneurship. I love to create ideas and new businesses. However, I’m not in a position where I got the energy or need to push and create a brand new business.

I have enough funds to be comfortable, and that’s a bit scary.


I’ve decided to go back to my passion and help others reach what I’ve accomplished. Financial stability and freedom of choice.

I probably work 3 hours per day, go to the gym, work out for 2 hours, then pick up my children and spend time with them until bedtime. I always take time off during weekends.

Be advised!!!

It has not always been like this. I was able to change my life just last year; for the past 15 years; I’ve been working seven days a week.. Not because I had to, but because of the drive to be independent and make my own money.


Yep! I want to invest at least $25 000 in a business idea or business within 2022! There’s no rush, as I won’t be deciding just yet. I might even want to invest in multiple ideas or companies.

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I will soon let you know how you can apply for the $25,000 too. It’s essential that you get to know me and my methods first to see if we are a match..

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