Want to Make Money?

My name is Jonas Borchgrevink, and I’m a serial entrepreneur, early bitcoin investor, trader, investor, and so much more. I’ve started multiple businesses since 2005. I have a strong passion for helping people reach their financial goals in order to live a fulfilled life. Many might argue that money doesn’t make you happy. I believe that’s a lie told by wealthy people. People need to reach a certain level of security, and then some more, to truly make their lives meaningful. When you can stop worrying about money, a thousand weights will be lifted off your shoulders and you will be able to focus on other endeavors.

I know for a fact that having supporters, mentors, or coaches (call them what you want) is crucial to help you reach the next level.

I’ve made many mistakes, and I’ve learned from them all. I have three successful companies running today with people employed all over the world (CCN.LA, Hacked.com & an IT business in Norway).

Let me help you help yourself. Let me be a part of your journey to financial freedom. Whether you are trading, investing, want to be an entrepreneur or simply need ideas.

By becoming my client, we will have a monthly meeting where we discuss your future, your goals, and where I help you set up a mission and OKRs. Hopefully, you will enjoy my service so I can follow you for a longer period and track your progress.

I’m also going to include you in a broader network where my team will introduce you to potential business partners or people in a similar position. Think of WEF, just for individuals. In the future, we will organize events and conferences so we can meet.

Pre-registration is now open.

Best Regards,

Jonas Borchgrevink
Your Servant

Jonas Borchgrevink

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