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Jonas Borchgrevink

My name is Jonas Borchgrevink, I’m an entrepreneur and investor. Born in Oslo, 1990, I’m 28 years old and a multi-millionaire. I don’t brag about it to friends nor family, but it’s important that you know I’ve made some smart choices during my career. I’m interested in macro economics and personal finance. I find it strange that schools don’t teach about basic economy to help its students success with their real lives. So many people live on consumer debt. It’s awful!

There is a saying:

Money is being made by investors and entrepreneurs.

And it is so true. Just look at Forbes’ top 500 wealthiest list. They are all entrepreneurs, investors, OR heirs. It is hard to do anything about your parents’ wealth, but you can become an entrepreneur or investor. The easiest and safest way to gain wealth is to become an investor that takes smart choices and have patience. Many people are in such a situation that they can’t leave their regular job in pursuit of an entrepreneurial career. However, anyone can invest some money on a monthly basis. Warren Buffet started to invest and stuck to it for decades. He is now one of the world’s richest men.

It is a Mindset

Do you spend more money than you make? Don’t. Think of your future. Think of your childrens future. Do you want to ensure that they can continue on the road to financial stability? Never having to worry about being able to pay the next bill? I got a daughter, and my wife is pregnant with our son. I know that I want to do everything in my power to ensure their future. I would say most parents want the same.

A Quarter of All US Adult Internet Users Are Self-Directed Investors

As we wrote about a couple of weeks ago, a staggering 1/4 of all US adult internet users are self-directed investors. Most of these amateur investors end up losing money as they do not have enough information or knowledge on how to be a professional investor. They are often called “noise traders”. These are individuals who distort the market by trading with incomplete information.

Although noise traders have been around for many years, industry professionals and academics have always brushed them off as having little to no effect on the market overall.

But over the last 20 years, which includes the .com bubble, the housing bubble, and one of the largest financial crises of our time, the influence of noise traders can no longer be ignored. And with the rise of investment platforms like Robinhood and TradeStation for self-directed investors, the influence of noise traders is growing.

Anyone with an internet connection and a bank account can read a few articles, company blogs or financial media and collectively force giant market swings, as witnessed by the Bitcoin phenomenon at the end of last year.

Don’t Gamble With Your Money

By following hypes of Bitcoin or more recently – pot stocks,  you can make money quite fast. But you risk to lose money faster. You will never be able to hit the right entrance and exit of your investment repeatedly. That’s why I created the Money Makers Club. Both to educate people in what they should look for when investing in stocks and other assets, and how to change their mindset of money. The ultimate goal is to help our members become financially independent by living and investing smarter.

Timespan is important. Don’t invest with a short timespan. If you are in a hurry, you will lose money. If you have patience, you will make money.

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